Seeking questions from congregants and the public.

Aurora Methodist pastor invites tough questions for sermons

AURORA, Ill., Dec. 27, 2020 — Have a tough question about faith, the Bible or life? An Aurora United Methodist minister wants to hear from you.

Rev. Derek Rogers of North Aurora, pastor at Flowing Forth UMC in Aurora, is seeking questions from congregants and the public for “Conversations on Tough Questions,” his first sermon series of 2021.

In an email announcement Rev. Rogers said, “We all have questions. Tough questions about life, about faith, about the Bible, about God.

“And we desire a place where we can talk about those questions, reflect on them, get perspective on them, wrestle with them. Over the course of this series starting in early 2021 we’ll be having conversations about your tough questions together.

“If you have a question you’ve always wondered about–God, faith, the Bible, life in general–submit your question. We’ll take the most commonly asked questions to form the basis of this sermon series.

“Submit your question(s) and invite friends and family to ask theirs by Thursday, Dec. 31,” Rev. Rogers said. People can email questions to

Flowing Forth UMC holds recorded Sunday worship services on the church website, Call (630) 239-2321 for more information.

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