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How to Submit a News Release for an event or story to XPian News
(Thanks to for the basic framework of this summary.)

The basic rule of thumb is this: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

  1. Write a 1-3 paragraphs about your event, including the date, time, location and cost.
  2. Include a link for more information and maybe a sentence or two about your group.
  3. Do not use bullet points, bold, CAPS, tabs or any other formatting.
  4. Submit 2-3 weeks before your event or 1 week for a news story.
  5. Do not send in PDF. Either send in a Word document or in the text of the email
  6. Attach (not in the document itself) 1-4 pictures that represent the event, including a logo or flier if applicable
  7. Email to
  8. Make each event a separate email if possible. A whole list is more difficult to work with.
  9. Be patient with XPian News please. This is a new and an ever-growing part of the site. If we miss you or mess up it is not intentional. Please keep sending them in and we’ll keep doing our best!
  10. When we post events, we’ll try to remember to send you the link. It helps when people share links – be it from your event or other stories you like. Consider the XPian News a community site that we are all working to build, and please help us do that.
  11. For additional guidelines see…  wikiHow Write a Press Release
  12. If you wish… here’s pricing for Daybreak’s The Religion Wire™ news release services:
    Distribution and Payment

    National – 576 outlets (Beta list), $35
    Chicago Area – 161 outlets, $15
    Fox Valley (IL) – 60 outlets, $10
    Fox Valley (IL) distribution for ACMN & FVCMA members, $5
    Illinois – coming soon!

John Ross
Founder, Editor, & Publisher XPian News


Founder, Editor & Publisher at

John Ross on Saturday, April 23, 2016 launched XPian News, a part of Daybreak Communications, Inc. Ross is the facilitator of Aurora Christian Ministry Network (ACMN) and a member of the Fox Valley Christian Ministerial Alliance (FVCMA). He serves on the boards of Wayside Cross Ministries and the Kiwanis Club of Aurora. As a follower of Jesus, he has been for some 40 years a member of First Presbyterian Church - Aurora. He has a M.A. - Christian Leadership from Wheaton College Graduate School and undergraduate at Trinity International University.