A few prayer requests for 2018

Opinion: My 13 Prayer Requests for the ‘National Day of Prayer’

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer… so here are a few of my prayer requests:

  1. That our government would extend and expand the DACA program
  2. That a comprehensive and compassionate immigration plan would pass Congress and become law.
  3. That asylum seekers would receive justice by the Trump administration and the court system.
  4. That prison reform at the state and federal level would become a reality.
  5. That our churches would show the love of Jesus and serve their local neighborhoods.
  6. That we would help children become all that they can be… by the betterment of public/private education and the strengthening of family.
  7. That the US would have a universal health care system… so medical expenses do not bankrupt Americans.
  8. That we encourage the passage of sensible gun laws leading to the decrease of gun violence in America.
  9. That the church would engage the culture and be “salt and light.”
  10. That we would see more unity of believers… Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox (including racial reconciliation)
  11. That our country’s leadership would exhibit high moral and ethical standards.
  12. That the persecuted church in world would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
  13. That imprisoned American Rev. Andrew Brunson would be released from Turkish prison.

John Ross on Saturday, April 23, 2016 launched XPian News, a part of  Daybreak Communications, Inc. Ross is the facilitator of Aurora Christian Ministry Network (ACMN) and a member of the Fox Valley Christian Ministerial Alliance (FVCMA). He serves on the boards of Wayside Cross Ministries and the Kiwanis Club of Aurora. As a follower of Jesus, he has been for some 40 years a member of First Presbyterian Church - Aurora. He has an M.A. - Christian Leadership from Wheaton College Graduate School and undergraduate at Trinity International University.  editor@xpian.news

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