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Friday, May 10th, 2019


While nobody wants to belittle the suffering that befell the innocent on both sides - Israelis and Arabs...

Opinion: The Church Should Not Take Sides in the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Hesham Shehab

Last weekend, a large church in Chicago hosted an Arab-Israeli speaker who spoke on the topic of “Christ-centered reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.” Dr. Salim Munayer, executive director and founder of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, an organization which has worked “to bring Israelis and Palestinians together since 1990.” According to the church’s website, Munayer is a former academic dean at Bethlehem Bible College, an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, and has published several books on reconciliation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Christians in Israel. Munayer began his message by statingRead More