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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019


Christians, Muslims, Should Fight Extremism

Opinion: Horrific New Zealand Massacre Emboldened Islamists in the West

Hesham Shehab

Chosen formed about nine years ago when these musicians answered God's call...

Chosen to Perform High-Energy Christian Music at Rosary HS

World Relief Akron

World Relief Akron is closing.

[T]he U.S. is currently only projected to welcome 24,369 in FY 2019, indicating a drop of 71.3% overall.

World Relief Warns Against Extremely Low FY 2019 Midyear Refugee Resettlement Numbers (Infographic)

Refugee resettlement needed in US.

Despite Twitter ban, paid media blackout and R rating, abortion biopic earns rare A+ CinemaScore and highest per-screen average of any indie-wide release film; expands in second week

Box Office Shocker: UNPLANNED gives birth to fifth-place finish

Movie Unplanned exposes Planned Parenthood.