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Friday, February 1st, 2019


While every NFL team has a chaplain, Easterby is unique.

Patriots ‘character coach’ Jack Easterby joins long tradition of chaplains

Prayer Patriot and Saints

by Paul Putz: Feb. 1, 2019 (RNS ) – If you’ve never heard of New England Patriots “character coach” Jack Easterby, it’s not for lack of media attention. Ever since ESPN’s Seth Wickersham published a feature article on him in 2015, Easterby’s profile has risen, with stories in the Boston Herald, USA Today, and more. With the Patriots in the Super Bowl yet again, this week has brought another round of attention to Easterby. He may not be a household name, but in a football culture filled with outspoken evangelicals, EasterbyRead More

Many predominantly Muslim countries observe the traditions of wearing hijab...

Opinion: World Hijab Day Promotes, Normalizes Islamism

Hesham Shehab

February 1st is the World Hijab Day, an event created by Islamists in order to embellish a symbol of state and community oppression in many Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries. In the Islamic religious traditions, the term “hijab” refers to clothing worn by women, especially when in sight of grown men who are not members of their family. Most strictly, this applies to head scarves that rest upon the shoulder and may or may not cover part of a woman’s chest along with her hair. It can also speakRead More

It is the best when the schools and (church) sponsors determine the dress code for students

Kenyan Supreme Court overturns ruling allowing hijab in Christian schools

Kenya school students

by: Fredrick Nzwili, Jan 30, 2019 NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) – An emotional debate over whether Muslim students may wear hijab in Christian schools took a new turn last week (Jan. 24) when the Kenyan Supreme Court reversed a lower-court ruling that had allowed female students to wear Muslim headscarves to school. The ruling comes amid a heightened push by Muslim leaders and civic groups for acceptance of head coverings in church-owned schools. Christian educators have been resisting the move, insisting that dress codes and uniforms – customarily pleated skirts orRead More